A Feedback

it has been 2 years now since i came to Utila and became a DIvemaster.  it still feel like a couple a month ago.

some friend i met on this i island i remet in different places of this world and i still have contact to some. this island gave me so much!

I love thinking back.



oh an PS: it is such an amazing feeling to have the knowledge that i can come back every day and dive you UDC, my hole life for free :)


Floating Utila

Floating Utila was a very different expierence that the hole diving life in Utila.

Floating Utila is a little cabin with salty water where you float for an hour in totally darkness. it relaxes your hole body and make you feel like beeing weightless and somewhere else then this earth.

i recomment doing it, afterwards i was not able to talk and felt like new born.

John and his wife are lovely people how have two beautiful children, they also do massages.

words can not really discribe how you feel, it is worth to try it.

the entrance.

relaxing time, with good vibes and atmospheres.

thank you sooo much John for this incredible experience.

for more informations:)

You should do it.

Snorkeltest woop woop

oh my god i cant believe we did it. we are divemasters now… uncredible. i reached my goal and got my certification.

the last skill is to proof our alkoholabilities. so SNORKELTEST TIME.

this night was so much fun, even when every DM was way to drunk that night. after passing our snorkeltests we ended up skinny dipping all together.

all wet and happy last stop was tranquila bar:)

the pike of the night was, that this night it was shootingstarnight.

a lot of people me included were laying on the top deck and watching the sky.

what a beautiful time as a DMT.